Pastel Rock Name Tag

Pastel Rock Name Tag


Pastal Coloured Name Tag, Personalised with your pets name, choose the colour and cut out shape⚡️ 


Size: Small:- Height:31mm Width:28mm Depth:3mm-6mm

           Large:- Height:37mm Width:33mm Depth:3mm-6mm


Handmade and designed by Rebel Rascalz in the UK.

  • Tag Care

    Please treat tags with care, clean with cold/lukewarm water only as engraving is painted and with time paint may come away if submerged in water continuously.

  • ID Tag

    Please make sure if you wish to add a (optional) ID tag choose option YES in the drop down "ID TAG" menu (for £2.00 extra), failing this result in no backing tag being sent. thanks🙏